HUSH 86 Key Personnel

_DAB0214Eddie Cason / Hush 86 Founder

Eddie Cason has been a pioneer in business development. Eddie, a former IBMer, is also the CEO of Amari Kai Technology, a computer consulting and research firm. Eddie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Tuskegee University and  has been responsible for growth across the organization through a series of strategic business initiatives enabled by IT and business partnerships. Hush 86 was established from the same initiative.  The ideas stemmed from the desire to engage potential clients through delightful culinary experiences.

Prior to establishing the Amari Kai companies, Eddie worked in the research & development organizations of Computer Sciences Raytheon, SAIC and IBM for over 13 years.

Vekisha_profileVekisha Haynes / Co-Owner/Executive Chef

HUSH 86 Catering couldn’t settle for a better Chef than Mrs. Vekisha Haynes. An ardent cook, and a people oriented person. Vekisha brings energy and vibrancy into the organization. And when it matters most – she is quick to escape into the kitchen to guarantee a positive outcome and efficient service delivery.

As a culinary doyenne, she is in the business of transforming the way people eat. The journey to the kitchen started at a young age. At 12 years old, she almost burned down the house attempting her first meal. By age 16 she started doing more–having girlfriends sleep over and cooking for them buffet style.

Since her stay in corporate America, Vekisha has turned all of her focus towards her passion—cooking and catering. She graduated from culinary school at the top of her class, but found her voice long before she earned her credentials.

Columbus Pressley / Business Development Manager

Columbus serves as the Director of Business Development for HUSH 86. He has produced major entertainment & sports industry events for over 20 years with an emphasis on sponsorship procurement, experiential, integrated and digital marketing campaigns. He began his career in talent management and artist promotions for various record labels in Harlem before moving to Atlanta during the Summer Olympic Games and founding Ethos Entertainment Group.

Columbus has produced radio commercials for the Coca-Cola Company and worked with various Tyler Perry Studios motion picture promotions for Lionsgate Films. Other clients have included Mercedes-Benz USA, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and the National Football League to name a few.

Shanai_profile_picShanai Sutherland / Executive Assistant

Shanai is the Executive Assistant to the HUSH 86 CEO. Shanai is a conscientious, great listener and self-motivated individual with great enthusiasm and determination to succeed. Coming from the medical field straight over to business, Shanai is very keen to detail and works hard under pressure. Born and raised in the Caribbean (Jamaica) her taste for spices and flavors are remarkable, so being a part of the Hush86 Catering team is just perfect.

Being the glue, which keeps the show afloat, is seamless for Shanai. Keeping schedules while maintaining focus on priority tasks and managing tasks over various time zones, allows Shanai tailored skills to keep Hush 86 customer focused.